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FortisBC Compact Carbon Capture Challenge 

FortisBC is seeking solutions for capturing relatively small amounts of CO2 from a variety of geographic areas within Canada to use or sequester.


Innovation Challenge

FortisBC Compact Carbon Capture Challenge 

carbonNEXT and FortisBC are seeking solutions for capturing relatively small amounts of CO2 (e.g. less than 10,000 tonne CO2e/year) from a variety of geographic areas within Canada and dealing with it in an economic manner (sequestration or use).

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The Opportunity

FortisBC is committed to a lower-carbon energy future and the advancement of technologies that will meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the delivery and use of natural gas in BC.  

Engaging FortisBC could lead to one of the following outcomes:

  • A proponent conducting a pilot of their solution with FortisBC
  • FortisBC not pursuing the proposal
  • Another pathway as mutually agreed

FortisBC may be interested in supporting opportunities to advance research and development of pre-commercial technologies of particular interest identified through the Challenge. This would most likely occur under an application for project funding to FortisBC’s Clean Growth Innovation Fund

The Partner

FortisBC is the largest natural gas distribution utility in British Columbia, providing sales and transportation services to over 1 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in 135 communities and 58 First Nations communities across 150 Traditional Territories in British Columbia. FortisBC delivers natural and renewable gases to more than 80 percent of the gas customers in British Columbia through a network of approximately 50,500 kilometres of gas distribution lines. Additionally, FortisBC operates two liquified natural gas storage facilities in BC. 

FortisBC supports cleantech innovation through a number of initiatives, including through their Clean Growth Innovation Fund, which enables them to provide grant funding to support the development of innovative GHG emissions-reducing projects and technologies.

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Challenge Background & Considerations

This Challenge is important in helping FortisBC identify potential solutions to reduce its scope 1 emissions (combustion and venting-related sources) from infrastructure such as compressor stations, line heaters, biogas production facilities, liquified natural gas vaporization equipment, and entrained CO2 emissions from liquified natural gas facilities. See the Challenge Program Guide for details on CO2 concentrations. 

Engineered CCUS solutions for point source industrial emissions (combustion and/or venting-related sources) are the focus of this challenge, rather than DAC or nature-based capture.  Proponents should also address options for storage and/or utilization of the captured carbon dioxide. A successful solution:


Is applicable for emissions sources ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 tonne CO2e/yr 


Can be applied to existing brownfield equipment 


Is ideally modular in design, allowing the solution to be scaled as required


Will have a minimal footprint 


Is able to accommodate limited availability of electricity at some compression and line heating emissions sites

Evaluation & Eligibility:

Key assessment and eligibility criteria include:

Applicants from anywhere in the world are eligible to apply.

Upon request, FortisBC can provide specific information related to the location, emission profiles, and electrical capacity for the potential emission sites to which proposed solutions may be applicable. A non-disclosure agreement may be required. 

Challenge Timeline

June 19, 2023

Competition open

July 10, 2023

Challenge webinar

August 4, 2023

Competition closes

Early September 2023 

Finalists announced

Late September 2023

Finalist pitches

October 2023 

Winner(s) announced

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This Challenge is presented as a part of the carbonNEXT program, a partnership between Foresight and Carbon Management Canada, powered by Scotiabank and Prairies Economic Development Canada.

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