FortisBC Seeks CCUS Solutions

June 19, 2023

June 19, 2023: When it comes to reaching net zero, sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. To move the needle towards a more sustainable future, carbonNEXT and FortisBC are launching the Compact Carbon Capture Challenge, seeking solutions for capturing relatively small amounts of CO2 (e.g. less than 10,000 tonne CO2e/year) from a variety of areas across Canada, and dealing with it in an economic manner (sequestration or use).

FortisBC is the largest natural gas distribution utility in British Columbia, and they’re committed to achieving a low-carbon future through advancing technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the delivery and use of natural gas across BC. 

To make these goals a reality, FortisBC is embarking on this Innovation Challenge to identify solutions to reduce scope 1 emissions (combustion and venting related sources) from infrastructure such as compressor stations, line heaters, biogas production facilities, liquified natural gas vaporization equipment, and entrained CO2 emissions from liquified natural gas facilities.

Do you have the solution FortisBC is looking for? A successful technology: 

  • Is applicable for emissions sources ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 tonne CO2e/yr  
  • Can be applied to existing brownfield equipment
  • Is ideally modular in design allowing, the solution to be scaled as required
  • Will have a minimal footprint
  • Is able to accommodate limited availability of electricity at some compression and line heating emissions sites
  • Is an engineered CCUS solution for point source industrial emissions (combustion and/or venting related sources)

Does this sound like something your venture can deliver on? If so, learn more or apply today!

The Compact Carbon Capture Challenge is presented as a part of the carbonNEXT program, a partnership between Foresight and Carbon Management Canada, powered by Scotiabank and Prairies Economic Development Canada.


Innovation is key to advancing an organization. Organizations need fresh ideas and new ways of unlocking growth and opportunity. In addition to our internal efforts and partnerships to pursue innovative technologies and advancements, we’re looking for new ideas that help advance emissions reductions.

Mark Warren Director of Business Innovation, FortisBC Energy Inc. 

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is a vital component to achieving net zero and an area where Canada has competitive strengths. At Foresight, we are honoured to work with industry leaders like FortisBC to help advance CCUS solutions that will make a major impact on reaching our ambitious climate goals. I can’t wait to see the solutions this Challenge produces and the impact we can have on reducing emissions both locally and globally. This is the type of impact that drives myself and the Foresight team every day.

Jeanette Jackson CEO of Foresight Canada

About FortisBC Energy Inc.

FortisBC Inc. is focused on providing safe and reliable energy, including natural gas, electricity, Renewable Natural Gas and propane. FortisBC employs approximately 2,652 British Columbians and serves more than 1.25 million customers in 135 British Columbian communities and 58 First Nations communities across 150 Traditional Territories. FortisBC owns and operates two liquefied natural gas storage facilities and four regulated hydroelectric generating plants, approximately 7,316 kilometres of transmission and distribution power lines, and approximately 51,200 kilometres of gas transmission and distribution pipelines. FortisBC is indirectly, wholly owned by Fortis Inc., a leader in the North American regulated electric and gas utility industry. 

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About Foresight Canada

Foresight is Canada’s cleantech accelerator. Foresight supports the identification and validation of cleantech opportunities and the successful commercialization of solutions. We bring together industry, government, academia, investors, and innovators to address today’s most urgent climate issues and support a global transition to a green economy. Find out more at Follow on Twitter @ForesightCAC.

About Carbon Management Canada

CMC is a national, not-for-profit organization working to develop and deploy emissions reduction solutions and support the Canadian industry. We assist innovators in developing methane monitoring, carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), and subsurface monitoring technologies, and provide techno-economic analysis to companies, investors, and governments to direct research, development, investment, and policymaking. CMC aims to move solutions more quickly from research to market, thereby growing the Canadian economy, increasing Canada’s competitiveness in world markets, and supporting practical, feasible, and economically viable industrial emissions reductions.