BCNZIN Challenges

Building British Columbia's Low-Carbon Economy

Foresight's British Columbia Net Zero Innovation Network is seeking potential projects to support and build out in the transportation, water, mining and forest bioeconomy sectors.


Foresight's British Columbia Net Zero Innovation Network (BCNZIN) is seeking innovative solutions to support BC’s transition to a low-carbon economy and achieve the province’s climate goals. 

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The Opportunity

BCNZIN is looking for potential projects to support and build out. This will include bringing on additional funders, research, opportunities assessments, feasibility studies, administrative support, and other services to get projects off the ground. 

Innovators have the opportunity to have their BC-based projects support up to 50% of costs for activities below:

  • Developing Business Case for breaking into new markets, including access/introductions with industry in these markets
  • Research support: feasibility, data tracking, and other information needed for adoption
  • Project development, management, and finding additional funders to scale the project
  • Media and promotion support: blog posts, case studies on any joint project work
  • Contractor support for pilot projects or third party consultants

*Projects can be up to $300K

The Partner

Foresight’s BC Net Zero Innovation Network (BCNZIN) is an initiative to build capacity and accelerate British Columbia’s transition to a clean, net zero economy by fast-tracking the development and adoption of clean technology solutions.

The network brings together the British Columbia cleantech ecosystem, creating opportunities for collaboration and connection among industry, innovators, investors, academia, government and First Nations working to make meaningful progress towards net zero climate goals.

Our programming facilitates innovation scouting and curated connections, supports pilot projects, and efficiently evaluates new technologies with programming to develop investor readiness.

We provide access to sector experts to support with project evaluation & research, grant writing and finding pathways to funding, and providing access to industry ecosystem clusters for innovators to de-risk project development and mitigate costs. 

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Challenge Background & Considerations

This call for solutions is designed to support BC-based projects in the adoption of cleantech within four industry sectors: water, transportation, mining and bioeconomy. The following barriers have been identified and will be overcome to be considered a successful solution:  


Adoption viability (who is the buyer)








Scalability of technology 


Regional challenges  

Choose from Four Sector Challenges

Each sector has its own unique challenges. Do you have the solution? Download the Challenge Guide for more detailed information.

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Globally, over 10% of greenhouse gas emissions come from water-related categories, including utilities, land use, and water systems.

To address water treatment and distribution emissions, BCNZIN is seeking solutions that decrease municipal and industrial water loss by 10% or less through sustainable water solutions.

Water loss solutions include:

    • Water & Climate: Mitigation & Adaptation 
    • Circular Water: Resource Recovery & Water Reuse
    • Smart Water: Digital solutions, including sensors, software, and analytics


    The Transportation sector accounts for the largest share of Provincial greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia.

    To transition the BC transportation sector to low-carbon, BCNZIN is seeking solutions that decrease transportation-related emissions by 50%.

    Clean transportation solutions include:

    • Low-Carbon and Zero-Emission Vehicle Technologies
    • Charging and Fueling Infrastructure
    • Telematics, Smart Mobility, and Intelligent Transportation Systems


    Canada’s ability to sell carbon-neutral critical minerals to the clean tech sector requires a dramatic change in how mining operations are currently powered and is a key priority for competitive success.

    The ability of both operational and planned mines to access carbon neutral or negative, sustainable and clean energy systems for their operations will significantly impact GHG emissions reductions for the mining sector and accelerate the sector’s ability to hit BC’s CleanEnergy emission reduction targets.

    BCNZIN is seeking solutions that will connect 100% of active BC mines to clean energy systems. 

    Forest Bioeconomy

    While much work has begun to decarbonise the sector, significant challenges are still ahead.

    BCNZIN is seeking solutions that lead to a competitive, valuable, and net zero forest sector through increased revenues generated through wildfire resiliency, sustainable value-add manufacturing and net zero operations by more than 20%.

    Bioeconomy solutions include:

    • Bioproducts commercialization
    • Mill residuals utilization
    • Sustainable access and utilization of fibre
    • Utilizing high tech to better forest management strategies and practice

    For All Challenges

    Evaluation & Eligibility

    Key assessment and eligibility criteria include:

    • TRL 6+
    • British Columbia: the project must be carried out by a BC company or take place in BC
    • Reduced Emissions: the project must have an emissions reduction potential
    • Cross Ecosystem Collaboration: the project brings multiple partners together within the ecosystem
    • Short-Medium Term Adoption: the project has a potential buyer, provides economic development, and demonstrates a clear pathway to adoption 

    Challenge Timeline

    October 10, 2023

    Challenge opens

    December 1, 2023

    Challenge closes

    January 2024 - TBD

    Winners Announced

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    Our Partners

    We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation as well as support from Pacific Economic Development Canada.

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