CONNECT Challenges - Accelerating Innovation

June 15, 2020

Foresight's Industrial Innovation Programs are about connecting industry to innovation that achieves ambitious sustainability targets with breakthrough results.

We've recently completed an important stage of our CONNECT Challenges and introduced a number of exciting companies to potential corporate partners. Here's the list of Canadian innovators that presented in this month's CONNECT Challenge webinars.

Saipem Challenge

  • Ionomr - Ionomr provides world-leading stability & efficiency both in AEM and electrode ionomer for capture and valorization systems by unlocking durable, cost-effective alkaline systems that remove the need for precious metals.
  • PyroGenesis - PyroGenesis submitted technology for in-flight reduction of iron fines using hydrogen plasma and thermal plasma direct pyrolysis of methane (natural gas) to produce hydrogen with no catalyst
  • Hydrogen In Motion - H2M is developing break-through technology that is the key to the hydrogen supply chain in the form of lower cost, lower pressure hydrogen storage using a proprietary nonmaterial that allows for the exploitation of Physisorption.(This means hydrogen will be able to be stored in gaseous form at half the cost of existing high-pressure low-temperature solutions.)

CONNECT Challenges

The Canada Cleantech Connect Challenge program, managed by Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre, is an industrial challenge program that accelerates partnership opportunities on a global scale.

The project is funded by Global Affairs Canada and Export Development Canada.

  • BCRI - BC Research Institute, as part of its work with the NORAM group, proposed exploiting its design of Fluidized Bed Membrane Reactor Technology. This technology produces green hydrogen with near zero, or negative, GHG emissions using biomass in a more reliable, scale-able, and cost-effective manner. This technology does not rely on “excess” renewable power, and instead, uses a low cost fuel abundant in many areas. BCRI, in partnership with Axton manufacturing, has an extensive portfolio of technology and capability to leverage in the hydrogen value chain.
  • G4 Insights - G4 Insights proposed proprietary PyroCatalytic Hydrogenation technology, which (depending on the feedstock gas) can supply either Green or Blue hydrogen with a 70% net energy conversion efficiency, and 80% lower carbon intensity versus conventional natural gas.


  • Ekona Power - Ekona Power proposed Pulse Methane Pyrolizer (PMP) and Tri-Generation Pyrolysis (TGP) technology that will produce cost competitive hydrogen at industrial scale, (compared to standard SMR methods), while removing 90+% of the carbon emitted.
  • PyroGenesis- PyroGenesis proposed in-flight reduction of iron fines using hydrogen plasma, as well as using thermal plasma direct pyrolysis of methane (natural gas) to produce hydrogen with no catalyst.

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